How much does a dent repair cost?

Click here for our estimating scale.
Dent estimator

Average quarter size dents and door dings start at $99 plus tax.
Damage exceeding quarter size is priced individually.
But most dents can be repaired for less than your insurance deductible!
For a ballpark estimate, please upload a photo of the damage on the contact form on the right of the page.
(all damage must be visually inspected in person by a Dent Machine Technician for accurate pricing.)

Do you repair bumpers?

YES! We remove dents from plastic bumpers too! Unfortunately we don`t repair metal bumpers.

How do I get my car repaired? Do I need an appointment?

Most jobs can be scheduled and repaired on the same day!
Please call (615)-601-6594 to schedule an appointment.

Where are the repairs performed? Do you come to me?

We are a mobile repair business. We can come to your home or office.
Or meet you at your favorite bodyshop. Chances are we already service their location.
Please call (615) 601-6594 to schedule an appointment.

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